Swimming in the pool at Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado Location: FLC Aquatic Center

Distance: 800 yards
Laps: 16 (each up and back lap is 50 yards)

Logistics of the swimming portion:

  • Once you are instructed to, you will step across a timing mat. This will be your official race start! Please walk quickly, but do not run, to your designated lane.
  • There will be two swimmers always in each lane, and each swimmer will have a designated side of the lane to swim in (no circle swimming).  Please avoid coming into contact with the other swimmer in your lane, especially if you are a breast stroke or back stroke swimmer.
  • There will be lap counters, but you are ultimately responsible for keeping count of your laps.
  • Once completed, you will leave the aquatic center by a door opposite where you entered. Do not step across the timing mat again!
  • Run/Walk to the transition area and prepare for the bike leg.

Download instructions (PDF)