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How to get the most out of Campus Dining

Students eating and chatting at the Rocket Diner on campusHow we eat is incredibly important and also personally intimate. We all eat, and we all eat differently. At Campus Dining, we know this about our students and we value it. You can rest assured that your student gets so much more than the nutrition they need. They’re eating in a space that’s designed from the ground up to be welcoming to each individual in the spirit of creating a comfortable community.

We listen to students like yours, and then we design menus and prepare nutritious meals that meet a wide variety of students’ tastes. Many students find foods they enjoy and easily fall into a dining routine that works for them. For other students this might be more challenging. From food choice to ambiance, there’s a wide range of preferences we strive to meet. We see our dining room as an extension of your student’s living space and we work tirelessly to give every student the opportunity to enjoy it as such.

Our guiding principles

  • We greet each student as they come in the door and are ready to engage in meeting their needs.  
  • There’s a reason for rules, but we’re strong believers in the spirit of the law, not the letter. If your student forgets their SkyCard it’s more important to us that they get a meal and get to class than to record a swipe. We ask them to sign in and enjoy their meal. It can’t become a pattern, though, as that hurts us. We’re happy to work with students in cases like this to find a solution.
  • Theme and special meals can be real highlights of the semester and we encourage all students to watch for promotions for these meals and join the fun. At the same time, some students experience this as a disruption of their routine. Not a problem—we set aside space where it’s quieter and let students know how they can maintain their peace.
  • We know that for students with dietary restrictions and allergies, it can be a real challenge to find tasty food that works with their bodies. There’s a lot we can do to make meal plans work for students who take extra care with what they eat. Our managers and chefs clear their calendars during Move-in and Orientation to be available to students to talk about what they can eat and create a workable plan for the semester. We’re available anytime to talk about what’s not working for someone in their meal plan and make it better.
  • Communication is key to happy dining. We’ve been able to make so many changes for students when they ask. Juice all day, instead of just at breakfast? Done! Biscuits and gravy three times a week? Certainly! Add Monte Cristo sandwiches to the menu cycle? Definitely! Salsa available at breakfast? Yes!
  • Flexibility is important for students—meal swipes can be used at our retail spots on campus (like Animas Perks) for meal packages. This helps students quickly get meals outside of the dining room hours or at other locations on campus when there’s just not enough time.

A chef preparing food for service in San Juan DiningYour student’s Campus Dining experience starts with a meal plan and we want it to end with graduation. There are so many things that we can do for students, many of which we don’t even think of until someone asks. We love to solve challenges so please contact us with any questions you have.

Stay in the know

Download the free Bite App on the App Store or Google Play. Bite tells you what's on the menu at FLC Dining. In addition, Bite will show you any allergens and will allow you to rate and save your favorite dishes. Stay tuned with Instagram and Facebook, too, or hit up Sodexo’s FLC site.

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Gina Rios with Campus DiningGina Rios
General Manger, Campus Dining
Gina is available to answer your questions and help find solutions to any issue your student faces in meeting their nutritional needs on campus.
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