An inclusive environment

Whether you need support and accommodations for a lifelong disability or a temporary impairment such as an injury or recovery from a medical procedure, the Accessibility Resource Center is here to help. We can support you with academic, housing, and other accommodations to remove some of the obstacles that might otherwise inhibit your experience of campus life.


Learn more here if you have a disability that might impact your academic, housing, or campus experience at FLC. 

Temporary Accommodations

In the event of temporary impairments (i.e. injuries, illnesses, medical treatments, recovery from surgery), complete this expedited request for accommodations. 

Emotional Support/Assistance Animals

In order to live on campus with an emotional support or assistance animal, you must register with the Accessibility Resource Center and complete these steps.

Testing Center

Student fills out a scantron test form.

The testing center offers a low-distraction environment for students with approved testing accommodations. Visit the testing center site to learn more and schedule your exam.

Digital Accessibility Committee

Hands typing on a laptop with a water bottle, notebook, and textbook.

Are you passionate about improving digital accessibility on campus? Have you had significant hardships or successes with digital accessibility as an instructor or student? The Digital Accessibility Committee invites students, faculty, and staff to join the committee, become a digital accessibility liaison for your department, or simply share your experience with the committee.

Accessibility Resource Center mission

The Accessibility Resource Center promotes equal opportunity for students with disabilities in pursuing their academic goals in higher education by creating a usable, equitable, inclusive and sustainable learning environment. Fort Lewis College recognizes disability as an aspect of diversity. Through partnership and active engagement, the Accessibility Resource Center empowers students to succeed through personal initiative and sustained effort.