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National College Testing Association, Proctoring Network Participant
 Fort Lewis College Testing Center is a member of the National College Testing Association and the Consortium of College Testing Centers.

Testing Center Mission

Fort Lewis Testing Center provides accommodations for students with disabilities, coordinates Basic Skills testing (Accuplacer) for the college, coordinates credit-by-exam for general education departments, provides proctoring services for the community, administers national tests (Meazure Learning, HiSet, Prov. Inc., ISO, ACT, SAT).

Fort Lewis College Testing Center is committed to:

  • Staying in compliance with the National College Testing Association’s Professional Standards & Guidelines
  • Providing testing services that meet the needs of the college and community
  • Creating an optimal testing environment with security and integrity for all at the forefront
  • Adhering to the International Center for Academic Integrity:  Honesty, Trust, Fairness, Respect, Responsibility & Courage  

Accreditations and associations

We are a member of the National College Testing Association.