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Does your department have a Facebook or other social media account used to communicate with students, faculty, staff or visitors?  If so, there’s an easy way to make sure your social media presence is found, and to be in compliance with the College’s Social Media Policy for Official Accounts.
Simply fill out the form below, and upon submission,  you’ll receive an electronic copy of the College’s Social Media Policy. You can also check out our Social Media Section, which is full of best practices and guidelines for making the most of your department’s social media account.  Best of all, your account will be listed in the official Fort Lewis College directory of social media.

In the meantime, please contact me with any questions!

Ashley Muckway, Social Media Coordinator + Designer

How often does your department post
on FaceBook, Twitter, etc.?

In completing this form, I agree that
the department head/director of this
department/program is aware of this
presence on social media. I also agree
to follow all social media policies and
guidelines for the college.