Colorado residents have the College Opportunity Fund

Colorado's College Opportunity Fund - COFThe College Opportunity Fund is a Colorado state benefit for in-state undergraduate students enrolled in college classes that reduces Colorado residents' college tuition. Just like a grant, you don't have to pay it back.

COF provides students with 145 credit hours to use at any Colorado college. If a student exceeds that amount, they can submit an appeal for a one-year extension by completing the COF Limit Waiver. Students requiring additional credits after the Fort Lewis College appeal process can submit an appeal through the State of Colorado.

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Colorado in-state tuition classification

Colorado State statutes define tuition classification and place the residency burden of proof on the student. Fort Lewis College cannot make exceptions to state law. We determine tuition classification based on your evidence of Colorado residency eligibility for in-state tuition in your admission application.

Colorado State statute does not allow retroactive compliance. This means if you become a Colorado resident after you've started school, you do not get to go back and change your tuition status. Also, a student who might not qualify for in-state tuition status in any state does not guarantee in-state tuition status in Colorado.

Learn more about in-state tuition classification from the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

Colorado residency requirements

Incoming students
Current students
Undocumented students
Immigrants & refugees
Peace Corps Volunteers
Active duty military
Colorado National Guard
Honorably discharged veterans
Veterans and dependents of veterans

Evidence for Colorado residency

Intent is demonstrated by several kinds of connections with the state dated one year prior to the beginning of classes. There is no formula or checklist to follow in establishing domicile.

Any connections maintained with any other state during the 12-month period for establishing domicile may be viewed as negative intent to make Colorado one’s permanent home.

Evidence of intent
Financial emancipation
Physical presence
Residency & age