The details

Eligibility, requirements & resources

Goals & objectives 

  • Promote our region’s emerging entrepreneurs’ ideas (FLC students and recent alumni, SJC students, and regional high school students) and new venture creation.
  • Provide professional development opportunities to our region’s emerging entrepreneurs through workshops and a mentorship program.
  • Involve community and alumni stakeholders (e.g., as mentors, judges, sponsors, and supporters).
  • Provide an opportunity for our region’s emerging entrepreneurs to present new business plans to Durango, Farmington, and Four Corner area venture capitalists, financial institutions, business leaders, etc.

Who may participate

High school students
FLC students
SJC students
Recent alumni

General requirements

  • Business has been in operation for less than 1 year
  • No funding (e.g., venture capital, angel, small business loan) obtained prior to competition
  • Original work only
  • No marijuana industry related businesses
  • No alcohol industry related businesses (High School track only)

Competition focus

  • Business plans in any industry will be accepted for participation. (Exceptions noted above.)

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Mentor Program option

Each team leader will be provided the opportunity to participate in a structured mentorship program. Mentors will be selected based on proven entrepreneurial and business success. Please note, mentors cannot be guaranteed.

FLC Advisory Committee

  • Paul Clay (Associate Dean & Associate Professor, Katz School of Business Administration)
  • Ryan Smith (Vice President of Technology Solutions, Oxbotica)
  • Lisa Campi Walters (Professor, Music Department)
  • Erik Juergensmeyer (Professor, English)
  • David Blake (Professor, Biology)

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