Guiding assessment at FLC


The Assessment Committee will work with the Office of Assessment to offer assessment aid to faculty, staff, and students and to serve as peer consultants to Programs/Departments, providing support and guidance regarding assessment. Committee members will also review comprehensive and annual assessment plans and work to request any significant missing information and/or clarifications, provide feedback, and validate final plans with the intention of aligning assessment efforts to program learning outcomes, the strategic plans of the college, and Higher Learning Commission (HLC) assumed practices.  


The Committee will submit a report to the Associate Provost and Senate annually no later than July 31st summarizing accomplishments, major issues discussed, and documenting strengths and weaknesses of the college’s overall effort in assessment and institutional effectiveness. Additionally, the Assessment Committee will make recommendations to the Associate Provost and Academic Cabinet regarding assessment and institutional effectiveness.


The Committee will consist of any number of Senate-assigned faculty members representing diverse Programs/Departments and representing tenured as well as tenure-track faculty. The Committee will also consist of an Assessment Coordinator as well as ex officio members from relevant administrative offices as needed. The Assessment Committee chair is elected by the Committee members.

Current Members

  • Jared Beeton
  • Marnie Clay
  • Tessa Creatini - Coordinator
  • Shawn Fullmer
  • Matthew Klema - Recording Secretary
  • Karl Lienert
  • Ryan Schwarz - Chair
  • Cristian Sepulveda