The Assessment Committee will work with the Office of Assessment to review annual assessment reports and to request any significant missing information and/or clarifications, provide feedback, and validate final plans.  Throughout the academic year, Assessment Committee members will also serve as peer liaisons to departments, as needed, to offer support and guidance regarding assessment issues.  


The committee will submit a one-page electronic report by the end of each academic year summarizing accomplishments, major issues discussed, and recommendations, if any, for alterations to the charge.


Any number of faculty members appointed by SEC as well as ex officio members from relevant administrative offices as needed.  Chair is elected by the committee members.

Current Members:

  • Paul DeBell 
  • Kirsten Stor
  • Jill Choate - Chair
  • Jillian Wenburg 
  • Ivan Guardiola
  • Anne McCarthy
  • Ryan Schwarz
  • Assessment Coordinator