Accounting Learning Outcomes 

Our graduates will:

PLO 1. Field of Study Knowledge

Demonstrate knowledge in the field of study

Obj. 1.1 Accounting Knowledge

Entry level knowledge of the primary functional areas of accounting.

Obj. 1.2 Knowledge of the Economy and modern business

Knowledge of the economy, the principles of modern business, and organizational practices.

PLO 2. Critical thinking and problem solving

Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills by applying accounting concepts and tools to measure, analyze, and report useful financial information for decision-making.

Obj. 2.1 Measure and record economic events

Obj. 2.2 Report accounting data to the internal and external stakeholders of an organization.

Obj. 2.3 Identify ethical issues in the practice of accounting and propose appropriate solutions.

Obj. 2.4 Assess the risk that an audit conducted in accordance with GAAS would fail to detect a material misstatement in the Financial Statements.

PLO 3. Communication

Obj 3.1 Demonstrate the ability to utilize appropriate channels of communication to effectively convey accounting information to a general audience.

PLO 4. Teamwork

Obj 4.1 Demonstrate teamwork skills by providing valuable contributions to projects produced in a collaborative environment.