Program Learning Outcomes for Graduates of the School of Business Administration - BA Business Economics

Our graduates will:

PLO 1. General business knowledge

Demonstrate knowledge in the field of study.

Obj. 1.1 Knowledge of the Economy, the principles of economics

Obj. 1.2 Knowledge of the definitions and terms used in both microeconomics and macroeconomics.

PLO 2. Analytical and/or quantitative tools

Employ analytical and/or quantitative tools to critically analyze economic events and policy

Obj. 2.1 Apply the concept of opportunity cost when analyzing economic outcomes.

Obj. 2.2 Determine possible economic outcomes of a government policy.  

PLO 3. Communication

Obj 3.1 Utilize appropriate channels of communication to effectively convey economic analysis conclusions.

PLO 4. Teamwork

Obj. 4.1 Demonstrate teamwork skills by providing valuable contributions to projects produced in a collaborative environment.