Gender & Sexuality Studies Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to understand, distinguish between, and critically evaluate normative, empirical, and other theories regarding the ways gender and sexuality shape (and are shaped by) human intimacy, identity, cultural expression, cosmological tenets, ritual practices, sociopolitical formations, and the nature of everyday life.


Students will be able to: a) connect evidence and theories from a variety of disciplines in order to: b) analyze how gender and sexuality are related to disparities in power and opportunity in both past historical and contemporary social, cultural, political, psychological, and/or economic arenas. 

Students will be able to engage in the process of actively and skillfully analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating information on gender and sexuality. This goal and outcome are related intimately to the other three in the GSS program.

Students will be able to identify an appropriate research question related to gender and women’s studies, review the literature, collect data from primary and secondary sources, interpret results, establish sustained and persuasive arguments, draw conclusions, outline areas for further research and effectively communicate their research to wider audiences in written and oral form.