Marketing Learning Outcomes

Our graduates will:

PLO 1. Demonstrate knowledge in the field of study.

Obj. 1.1 Knowledge of the Economy, the principles of modern business, and organizational practices.

Obj. 1.2 Identify core concepts and knowledge of marketing and the roles of marketing in modern business and the economy.

PLO 2. Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills

Obj. 2.1 Engage digital marketing technologies in the practice of marketing.

Obj. 2.2 Collect, organize and interpret consumer data to make informed marketing decisions.

Obj. 2.3 Knowledge of the social, ethical, intelligent judgments applied to marketing issues.

Obj. 2.4 Ability to develop marketing strategies accompanied with their tactical elements.

PLO 3. Utilize appropriate channels of communication to:

  Obj. 3.1 Effectively communicate verbal and written marketing intelligence and information.

  Obj. 3.2 Effectively communicate verbal and written general business concepts.

PLO 4. Teamwork

  Obj. 4.1 Demonstrate teamwork skills by providing valuable contributions to projects produced in a collaborative        environment.