Teacher Education Learning Outcomes

  1. For teachers to meet the 2-3 on the rubric they must foster a positive learning environment, they must maintain the safety and welfare of students and the environment and provide clear expectations and procedures. Student teachers must use time efficiently and foster a caring relationship with each student.
  2. For student teachers to meet a 2 or three on the rubric they must demonstrate a commitment to and respect for diversity, an environment in which diversity is respected and used to further student learning must be created. By using instructional strategies, activities, and materials that reflect students’ backgrounds and value their individual contributions, student teachers establish a sense of community in which student interactions are positive and common goals can be established.
  3. For student teachers to meet a 2-3 on the rubric they must engage students as individuals, they should be utilizing information from results of student interest inventories or surveys, etc. and implementing lessons that reflect these interests. Student teachers should also adapt lessons to students’ learning needs and implement lessons that support all students in participating in class activities.
  4. For student teachers to meet a two-three on the rubric they must for work collaboratively with families, and they must first establish a classroom environment that is inviting to families. They must also use a variety of methods to initiate communication that result in respectful relationships with students, their families, and/or significant adults.