Be bilingual

Learn a language through a wildly innovative, immersive approach

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Forget rote memorization; with FLC’s Borders & Languages major, you’ll learn language from the context of borders. Ideal for proficient Spanish speakers as well as beginners, bilingual courses incorporate current events, pop culture, and media content. You’ll graduate with a solid grasp on a second language as well as a broad understanding of how to navigate legal and social borders.


Janine Fitzgerald, Professor of Sociology & Human Services

"Learning a language is not about learning to conjugate verbs; instead, it is about helping us all become better citizens of a world that is too often violently and brutally divided by borders."

Jump into the culture

It’s often said that the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it. So why not do that even when you’re not living abroad? This is so much more a Spanish major, it’s studying culture in context, and not even just a single cultural context, but how that culture fits with and alongside others.

Latinx studies

You'll explore themes salient in today’s world, while learning about Hispanic cultures, including Mexican culture. For example, Narco Cultura will explore how dramatic social problems are portrayed in criminal justice systems, politics, social narratives and culture. Bio-Politics on the Border will explore problematic ideas of the immigrant body in politics, culture, and criminology. The Immigrant Experience will connect students from FLC with the immigrant community of Durango to create cross cultural bridges, giving you experiential opportunities within the field of Hispanic studies.

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Block internship program

All Borders and Language students are required to participate in the Block Internship program which will be satisfied by a semester abroad immersion program. Students who are unable to travel abroad will create local opportunities to encourage the use of the target language in everyday conversation.

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What can you do with a Borders & Languages degree?

A worldly, multicultural, international perspective will serve you in any career.


The road ahead

Dancer from FLC's celebration of Hispanic culture, Fiesta on the Mesa

A worldly, multicultural, international perspective will serve you in any career.

Imagine yourself as a:

  • Teacher
  • Legal interpreter
  • Publisher
  • International relations consultant
  • Non-profit director
  • Immigration services specialist
  • Community organizer