Experience language

A young participant in FLC's Fiesta on the Mesa getting help from her father preparing for a performance.

Choosing a Borders & Languages major or minor at FLC offers a deep dive into immersive language learning, focusing not just on grammar and vocabulary but on real-world applications like immigration law, Latinx literature, gender studies, and more. This approach embeds Spanish learning within the rich tapestry of Latin American culture and history, linking language skills directly to the lives and historical events that shape today's world.

Our curriculum explores the complex overlap and intersections of culture, emphasizing borders—political, regional, cultural, and philosophical. This comprehensive focus prepares you for global competence, whether you aim to become bilingual or seek specialized career skills as a minor. Many students transition from minors to majors, drawn by the program's depth.

The Sociology Block Internship Program

What is the program?

Earn 15 credits with this mandatory internship program. This program culminates in a research project that lets you:

  • Try out a job you might like in the future.
  • Use what you learn in class in the real world.
  • Learn new skills to help your community.

A faculty mentor will guide you, ensuring your learning is relevant and rewarding.

How do I choose?

You’re matched with an organization in the Four Corners region whose mission aligns with your interests.

The Sociology Department has long-term partnerships with the Compañeros: Four Corners Immigrant Resource Center La Escuelita Bilingual Book Club at Park Elementary School Language Revitalization Study Abroad.

How do I register?

Meet with the Block Coordinator the semester BEFORE you plan to register. 

The Block Coordinator will help you find an internship for the next semester and give you special permission for the following courses: SOC 315, 316, 320, 495. 

Block Coordinator: Becky Clausen, clausen_r@fortlewis.edu. Jones Hall 124.