Chemistry and Biochemistry Clubs

  • Do you want to learn more about chemistry and biochemistry?
  • Do you want to meet new students that are excited about science?
  • Do you want to conduct really cool demos and experiments?
  • Then the various clubs of the chemistry department might be for you!

Chem Club

  • The chem club specializes in making chemistry cool!
  • They conduct demos using liquid nitrogen, fireworks, and anything that might go bang!

Gas flameStudents with pumpkinsChem Club pumkin

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Women in Science

  • Women in science is a club to get young scientists (not just women) excited about science.
  • Network and find other students that can help you succeed along the path to your science degree.
  • Women in science are passionate about community outreach, and do multiple events each year with area elementary and middle schools.

Teaching science to kidsStudents at bake sale

Come check out our next meeting!