Getting a Chemistry degree

Charged by curiosity

Erlenmeyer flask and a round-bottomed flask, each with blue liquids in them, against a white background to represent our Chemistry major

Wonder. Explore. Discover. Repeat.

Whether you want to be a doctor or find solutions to climate change, the field of chemistry offers endless opportunities to better understand and serve the world around you.

At FLC, you’ll have access to top-notch faculty, collaborative research projects, and more than $1 million in modern scientific instrumentation.

Graduate with the skills you’ll need to further your studies or enter the workforce.

Change the world with science

FLC Chemistry majors and faculty teaching science to children in a chemical demonstration in partnership with the Powerhouse Science Center

At FLC, you’ll learn how to do great science and communicate that with the general public so your research can impact the world.

Our Chemistry department began collaborating with a local organization that teaches kids about science through hands-on activities. 

Chemistry majors are now teaching children about the principles of chemistry and learning about communicating complex scientific concepts to an audience with no prior training in the field.

Jasmine Keyes, Chemistry Major

Researching to find a new cure for Leishmaniasis.


Nick Gearhart, Chemistry major, '04

"My favorite element of the FLC Chemistry program is the hands-on experience that students gain in the laboratory. This gives FLC students a unique advantage over other graduates when starting graduate programs or going into industry."

Our investment in your education

From grant funding and project design to hands-on laboratory experience and conference presentations, our department is committed to supporting you in becoming a scientist of the highest caliber.

100% faculty-taught

You will take zero courses taught by teaching assistants (TAs) or graduate students. While TAs might help out with a class, all of your classes will be taught by chemists with M.A.s or Ph.D.s, who regularly perform chemical demonstrations and keep courses interactive and based in real-world problem solving.

Tools for the job

You have access to cutting edge instrumentation. In 2020 alone, through grants and donations, the FLC Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry gained $831,000 worth of new chemical analysis instrumentation that you will regularly use for your research.

A jump on the competition

You’ll be doing graduate-level, student-led research with faculty mentorship while chem students at larger schools are sitting in lecture halls. Our faculty are funded by nationally competitive grants and awards that pay you to conduct research in our labs. What’s more, you’ll have the chance to present your research at national conferences like the American Chemical Society Conference.

Student research

Some recent student-led research projects include:

  • Research on environmental contaminants in soil, sediment, and plant samples
  • Forensic chemistry research
  • Honeybee research (Colony Collapse Disorder)
  • Chemistry education and outreach research
  • Cancer therapeutics research
  • Natural products synthesis research
  • Food quality analysis research (cider fermentation research)

FLC chemistry majors working in the lab

What can you do with a Chemistry degree?

The mentorship and professional experience you get before you even graduate from FLC sets you miles ahead of the competition, whether you’re heading to graduate school, or to work in a professional laboratory.