Studying public health

What is public health? Public Health majors promote healthy communities. You’ll study how choice, genetics, and the environment impact the health of real families and individuals. You will blend skills from medicine, biology, communications, and other fields. You’ll evaluate genuine ethical concerns. And by graduation, you can get straight to work on the health of your own community.

Careers and graduate education

Graduating with a public health major qualifies you to apply to any related professional or graduate program. Earning this degree also leads to careers in such fields as:

  • Behavioral health
  • Epidemiology or disease prevention education
  • Environmental health
  • Medical care or public health nursing
  • Food safety
  • Healthcare administration

Public Health graduates may be employed by public health departments, non-profit organizations, global health agencies, state health departments, or federal health agencies.

For any career, this degree establishes your ability to communicate complex information through written, oral, and electronic media. It demonstrates your broad understanding of community-based healthcare, including your skills in evaluating ethical concerns, educating diverse populations, and developing assessment and management strategies.

Public health major requirements

Our catalog lists course requirements descriptions for the public health major and minor.