Dr. Michelle Larkins

Dr. Michelle Larkins
Assistant Professor of Environment & Sustainability

Areas of Expertise

  • Environmental Justice
  • Gender and Environment
  • Community Engagement and Community-based research
  • Sustainable Agrifood Systems
  • Teaching and Learning of Sustainability


  • Ph.D. Community Sustainability, Michigan State University, 2017
  • M.S. Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan State University, 2011
  • BA: Environmental Policy, Michigan State University, 2005


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About Dr. Michelle Larkins

Dr. Larkins' research focuses on two primary areas: (1) intersectional approaches to environmental justice, particularly working with communities on food, natural resource livelihood concerns, and energy sovereignty, and (2) equitable and inclusive approaches to the teaching and learning of sustainability and environmental studies and science.

Dr. Larkins earned her Ph.D. from Michigan State University in 2017, where she worked with Latinx promotoras and other women environmental justice leaders in Colorado and New Mexico to understand the impact of gender, ethnicity, place, and migration on food justice outcomes

Selected publications & presentations

Larkins, M. 2023 There is no just future without intersectional sustainability; feminist pedagogy for tackling privilege and centering praxis in sustainability education. In Public Feminisms: From Academy to Community, University of Michigan Press

Larkins, M. 2023 Tackling Wicked Problems Through Transparent Teaching. In Key Competencies: Practical Approaches to Teaching Sustainability. Sustainability Curriculum Consortium.

Larkins, M. 2023 "Rural Environmental Justice: Green Gentrification and Natural Resource Economies." Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences Annual Meeting, Portland OR

Larkins, M. 2022 “Practicing Compassionate Pedagogies in Environmental Studies and Science” Association for Environmental Studies and Science Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD.

Larkins, M. 2021. Keeping it Local: the continued relevance of place-based studies for environmental justice research and praxis. Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene: From (Un)Just Present to Just Future. Routledge

Larkins, M. 2019. “Making Space: Intersectional Approaches for Women’s Empowerment in Community Food Security.” Feminization of Agriculture, Toulouse, France.

Larkins, M., Rodriguez, N., and Watanabe, A. 2019. “Integrating Justice, Addressing Environmental Privilege in Higher Education.” Washington and Oregon Higher Education in Sustainability Conference, Seattle, Washington.

Larkins, M. 2018 Complicating communities: an intersectional approach to women’s environmental justice narratives in the Rocky Mountain West. Environmental Sociology, 4(1), 67-78.

Larkins, M., Wright, W., & Dann, S. 2018 Sustainability and engagement: strange bedfellows in the undergraduate textbook. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education