Putting passion into service

FLC student rowing a raft through a rapid

Your guides bring their love of rivers, the Southwest, people, and personal growth to your trip. They also bring expertise in navigating the water, and their own unique personalities and interests. Get a quick glimpse of the folks who’ll be guiding you safely through the beautiful canyons of the Colorado Plateau on your FLOW river trip.

Ben Iverson

3rd year Business Administration & Adventure Education major

Ben Iverson, FLOW river guide

Hometown: Littleton, Colorado
Favorite River: Rockwood on the Upper Animas
I Love to surround myself with the outdoors of Colorado! Whether climbing peaks, skiing, or travelling down rivers, I am always chasing adrenaline or new experiences. I love talking about anything (especially adventures), so pick my brain and ask me anything. I love when new people ride on my boat so come say hello. I cannot wait to meet new people through FLOW.

Emilie Parker

3rd year Sociology major

Emilie Parker, FLOW river guide

Hometown : Monument, CO
Favorite River: Upper Youghiogheny River, Maryland
Hello, my name is Emilie. I found my passion for rafting on the Animas River in Durango, CO. Since then, rafting has taking me all the way to the Gauley river in West Virginia. I’m excited to work with FLOW and share my passion for the river with many others! I have lived all over the place and love to travel, though I’m also happy, with my two retired sled dogs, to now call Durango home.

Lauren Toho Haupt

Third year Anthropology major, Native American & Indigenous Studies minor

Lauren Toho Haupt, FLOW river guide

Favorite river: Río Grande

Kuha?ahat?! (Hello!) My name is Lauren Toho Haupt. I am from the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma. My favorite river to play on is the Rio Grande. I am a transferring junior, majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Native American and Indigenous Studies, with a focus on sustainability. I am thrilled to be working with FLOW, as we strive to create a new understanding of outdoor recreation and culture! I have spent that last ten years working as an outdoor educator for REI and various outdoor programs in Santa Fe, NM. My favorite cookies are organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, chocolate chip!

My favorite quote comes from Chief Black Elk:

“One should pay attention to even the smallest crawling creature, for these too may have a valuable lesson to teach us.


Bruce Saxman

FLOW coordinator, senior lecturer in Adventure Education

Bruce Saxman, FLOW coordinator

Hometown: Lancaster, PA
Favorite River: Rio Dolores
I like to think I follow the water: skiing the mountains in the winter, and running rivers in the summer. My career in outdoor and adventure education goes back to the early 2000s, mostly in college outdoor programs and college academics. I am excited to be coordinating the FLOW program to share my passion for running rivers and opening these experiences to folks who may not have the opportunity otherwise. Other than that… I really like ice cream, mountain bikes, and cats.