An education to live by

The Gender and Sexuality Studies program approaches the study of gender, women's rights, and sexual orientation from a deeply interdisciplinary perspective.

You will be trained for ever-growing career opportunities that need expertise in addressing diversity and social inequality. You will be an agent for change for others as you change your own life.

In this program you will engage with faculty in fascinating and productive discussions about masculinity, women's equality, and human sexuality from a wide variety of interlinking perspectives: activist, anthropological, artistic, biological, historical, Indigenous, linguistic, literary, philosophical, psychological, and sociological. From the classroom to the campus and local community we explore the intersection of culture, "race," class, gender, ability, sexual orientation, age and other dimensions as we seek solutions to the globally persistent unequal access to resources and power. Central to our program is a concern for social justice, attention to cross-cultural differences, and a dedication to alternative ways of self-expression, conducting research, and working in the world.

Major & minor

  • Gender and Sexuality Studies Major (39-42 credits)
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor (15 credits)
  • Double major Gender and Sexuality Studies plus another program to double the value of your tuition dollars and increase your attractiveness on the job market.

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Bachelor's + MSW in 5 years

Get both your Gender and Sexuality and MSW (Masters in Social Work) degrees in 5 years through a cooperative agreement with the University of Denver. Find out more on the Psychology department site, or contact Dr. Megan Wrona at for details.