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Rainbow flag against a white background to represent out Gender & Sexuality Studies major

No matter what passion or career you pursue, learn to think critically about social inequity and the various ways gender and sexuality intersect with race, ethnicity, language, culture, religion, class, ability, and other identity aspects.

At FLC, you’ll build community, confidence, and the communication skills necessary to create positive change in a complex world.


Drewsilla Tomasi, Gender & Women's Studies, '13

"The Gender & Sexuality Studies program at FLC has made me the human I am today—empowered as a queer and trans person and focused on helping and healing the systems that oppress us."

Interdisciplinary coursework

This is just a tiny sample of the kinds of courses you’ll take as a Gender & Sexuality Studies major. As an interdisciplinary program, you’ll take courses in Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, English, History, and more.

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Queer Theory

This course chronologically explores the evolution of queerness from the 1800s to today as a fluid social construct leading to academic theories in many disciplines, resulting in political strategies to fight sexual oppression. Using a trans-disciplinary approach, you’ll examine how different groups and individuals define queer.

Native American Gender Issues

This course focuses on the role gender plays in the lives of Native North, South, and Pacific American peoples past and present. Topics include socioeconomic structure, colonization, and gender roles; masculinity and nationality; two-spirit identities; ritualized expressions of gendered identities; and ways to understand and address intimate violence.


Separating masculinity from men, you’ll examine the ways in which ideas of masculinity have been used by different populations to create structures of power and thought, organize societies, perform gender, and transgress traditional notions of masculinity (e.g., female masculinities). You will call on your critical thinking through independent research.


The road ahead

Drewsilla Tomasi giving a presentation at FLC

A Gender & Sexuality Studies major sets you to work with people and systems in innumerable ways. The critical thinking, focus on inclusivity, and understandings of power, privilege, and oppression support all manner of careers.

Imagine yourself as a:

  • Public policy advocate
  • Lawyer
  • Social worker or counselor
  • Educator
  • Business manager
  • Market researcher
  • Communications specialist