Explore. Empower. Engage.

Join us in the Gender and Sexuality Studies program and become part of a community that's not just studying the world but actively working to reshape it.

Interdisciplinary approach

Dive into the intricate world of gender, women's rights, and sexual orientation through a kaleidoscope of perspectives. Our program unites diverse disciplines — from the artistic to the anthropological, the historical to the psychological — offering a rich, multi-faceted understanding of these crucial topics.

Experience for tomorrow

Prepare for a future where expertise in diversity and social inequality is valued and essential. Our program equips you to become a catalyst for change, transforming both your life and the lives of others.

Dynamic discussions

Learning doesn't stop at the classroom door. We delve into the intersectionality of culture, race, class, gender, and more, both on Campus and in the local community. Join us in seeking solutions to global issues of unequal access to resources and power.

Commitment to social justice

At the heart of our program is a deep-rooted commitment to social justice. We celebrate cross-cultural differences and champion alternative methods in self-expression, research, and professional endeavors.

Get your BA and your Masters in Social Work in five years

The program is open for application by FLC undergraduates majoring in Psychology, Sociology and Human Services, Criminology and Justice Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Public Health, and Anthropology. Students must meet specific admission criteria.

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