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Research Experience for Native American Undergraduates (RENAU)

The aim of this program is to increase the representation of Native Americans in the professoriate and sciences by providing research experience along with mentoring. Students participating in this REU program will gain skills and experiences designed to not only significantly increase their chance of gaining admission into graduate school, but also their potential for graduate school success. The Research Mentors focus on energy research and this will be reflected in the program research activities.

Benefits to you

  • PAID research experience: 5 to 12 hours per week during the academic year; 40 hours per week for 10 weeks during summer
  • Option to participate in mentored research for a second academic year
  • Perform relevant scientific research while gaining laboratory skills
  • Develop hypotheses, design and conduct experiments, analyze data and reach conclusions
  • Option to perform summer research at a partner institution such as Purdue University, University of Arizona and Texas A&M
  • Present research at the college, local and/or national scientific community
  • Strengthen research communication skills; orally and in written form
  • Establish contacts and networks in your chosen career or academic area
  • Be prepared to enter a graduate program
  • Fun extracurricular activities: BBQ’s, shared meals, hikes, and other outings

Selection criteria

  • Eight Native American STEM major students will be selected each year to participate during the academic year and eight during the summer
  • Selection is based on aptitude, relevant skill sets, problem-solving skills, collaborative ability, and references. Please note, there is no GPA requirement; grades, honors and other traditional selection metrics will not play a major role in student selection.
  • US Citizen, US National or Permanent Resident

Research mentors and example projects

Dr. Yiyan Li
Intelligent and high-throughput fluorescent particle detection, enumeration, and characterization

Dr. Michael Grubb
Molecular Energy Transfer

  • Pump-probe time delay variation experiments
  • Transient lensing effects
  • Monitoring reaction processed during microwave-assisted synthesis reactions

Dr. William Nollet
Nuclear Energy & Induction Pump Performance Analysis for Generation IV Sodium-cooled Nuclear Reactors

Dr. Jeffrey Jessing
Porous Silicon Rocket Studies

To apply

Email your 1-page resume or CV and 1-page Personal Statement as combined PDF to npcarey@fortlewis.edu.

Questions & contacts

Dr. Yiyan Li, Assistant Professor
Physics & Engineering Department
Sitter Family Hall, RM 2755B

Dr. Michael Grubb, Assistant Professor
Chemistry Department
Chemistry Hall, RM 240