Improve your teaching skills and further your career with our faculty development grants

The College administration has set aside faculty development money to be disbursed to faculty who submit quality proposals to enhance their development as teachers and innovators. While the established Faculty Development Grants Committee for Traditional Scholarship and Research (TS/R) emphasizes personal scholarship intended for external professional dissemination, the Faculty Development Grants Committee for Teaching Innovation, Pedagogy and Assessment (TIPA) emphasizes activities that will primarily result in innovations intended for dissemination to the Fort Lewis College community.

The intent of this money is to initiate projects that result in a sustainable, long-term change to a program or to the long-term professional development of a faculty member with respect to teaching innovation, pedagogy, and/or assessment. This fund is not intended to be the source of continuous or ongoing funding for any project or activity. Proposals for one-time events or activities that do not have a longer-term development impact will not be funded.

Online Report Form

All applicants who receive funding must submit a brief online report by the end of the funding cycle (report due by December 31st for activities July 1-December 15; report due by June 30th for activities December 16-June 30) regardless of whether the funds were used. All funds must be spent by the end of the cycle. Failure to submit this report on time will exclude the applicant from consideration for future funding. Go to the online report form.

Sample Proposals

Ownership of Equipment

Equipment that is purchased using faculty develop grant funds is the property of FLC and must be returned to the instructor's Department Chair (or equivalent) for reallocation in the case that the instructor leaves FLC.

Procedure for paying labor

Please note that the TIPA and TS/R committees will not fund salaries for faculty or students, although the Foundation may.

Paying for Services

For grant requests that include paying for services (such as interview transcription) provided by individuals who are not employed at FLC, the applicant must confirm that the service provider is set up as a vendor for FLC. If the service provider is not already an FLC vendor, the applicant will need to go through the process of setting up the service provider as a vendor in the FLC system. Please contact for instructions.

Hardware Purchases

Hardware purchased with FDG or Foundation funding does not become part of the college refresh program

Procedure for software purchase

Completely aside from FDG and Foundation funding criteria, all software purchases need to meet institutional requirements as outlined by IT and Academic Affairs.

In order to consider funding for purchase software for instructional or research use, FDG and the FLC Foundation need confirmation that this software purchase meets those requirements; this step needs to be completed prior to FDG/Foundation review of your proposal.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Email Steve Jeffries, Aury White, and Jen Rider with:
    1. Indicate that you are seeking FDG/Foundation funding for software, and need their confirmation prior to committee review (so they understand that you are not asking for funding from them);
    2. An exact version of the software and cost, as well as what type of license you believe needs to be purchased (individual, network, enterprise, etc.);
    3. What the software does;
    4. A description of who will use the software and how you will use the software (research, instruction, etc.);
  2. They will let you know of any concerns, determine the appropriate version, verify that the software program meets instructional guidelines, verify that a comparable program is not already available, and will review EULA for applicability/compliance.
  3. After you hear back from IT and Academic Affairs, please compile their email confirmation of versions and cost of software that meet institutional requirements to the FDG committee to which you want to apply (TIPA or TS/R).
  4. After FDG receives confirmation that this software meets institutional technology requirements, FDG will be happy to consider proposals for software purchase.