Provost Fellows at Fort Lewis College

The Provost Fellows program invests in leadership development and draws on faculty expertise to assist Academic Affairs with major priorities and strengthen connections with our various campus partners.

The program required no new resources and benefited from grant and cross-functional support.

The Diversity Fellow

Dr. Carolina Alonso bridges Academic Affairs with Diversity Affairs. She also works on projects that range from establishing a prototype for an annual diversity report to a mentoring program for junior faculty of color.

The Data Fellow

Dr. Justin McBrayer works with the provost’s office, business and administration, and a data team to strengthen data-informed decision-making by developing scorecards, metrics, and analyses that address academic affairs revenues, costs, enrollments, and teaching capacity.  

The Center for Southwest Studies Fellow

Dr. Michael Drake contributes to the business planning and development that bridges CSWS to the community and community through outreach and mission-aligned exhibitions and programming.

The Workforce Fellows

Dr. Lorien Chambers Schuldt & Dr. Melissa Knight-Maloney are part of a team to develop initial workforce offerings to underserved populations in our region, collaborating with partners in education, government, non-profit, and business organizations. This work includes developing FLC infrastructure to serve these critical populations.

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