Strategic Initiatives through Academic Affairs

Our Campus is committed to extensive brainstorming, invention, and experimentation to design innovative programs that position FLC at the forefront of higher education. We take pride in inspiring our students through active learning experiences, be it collecting specimens in the surrounding mountains, showcasing exhibitions in our galleries, conducting experiments in our laboratories, or teaching in local elementary school classrooms.

The Academic Circle at Fort Lewis College

Our FLC Strategic Plan emphasizes “knowledge in action” as our signature approach to learning, explaining that we develop students’ abilities to deeply engage with the most critical scientific and social issues of the future.


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FLC’s Academic Circle puts the knowledge you cultivate in the classroom into action through the power of place and a community of mentors that supports your career and life goals.

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Community of Mentors

A listening ear or a timely word will come in handy on your journey to graduation. We’re proud to provide our dedicated team of faculty, advisors, coaches, and mentors to help guide you toward your goals. You’ll not only find solidarity with peer educators but also have the opportunity to tutor others as you grow in your expertise and confidence.

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Knowledge in Action

Cultivate your skills through real-world research alongside faculty who know your name. Collect hands-on experiences through field studies, artistic creation, and service projects. Learn how to think critically so you can ask better questions and find solutions to the challenges you care about the most. Add soul to your goals and get a grip on the tools you’ll need to change the world.

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Powered by Place

Take your studies beyond the books to where life happens for real. Dig in the natural laboratories around the Four Corners. Get involved in community organizations that are confronting the greatest challenges of our time. Whatever your academic focus, opportunities to go deeper await in Southwest Colorado’s classroom of the great outdoors.

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Career Journey

You’ve got dreams, and we’ve got the connections you need to achieve them. From internships with locally and globally recognized organizations to mentored paths to graduate school, you'll find that our accessible resources, like career services, can keep you on track. Take advantage, and you’ll graduate with the nimbleness you need to navigate whatever path unfolds next.


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