Advisory Committee on Accessibility of Information Technology and Digital Content

Description of Activities: In consultation with the Provost, Vice Presidents, and the Accessibility Resource Center, the committee will ensure that information technology and digital content created or distributed is accessible to individuals with disabilities. According to the Accessibility of Information Technology and Digital Content policy, the committee will make available training and resources for faculty and staff. The training and resources will include how to make technology/digital content accessible, how to check for accessibility, and how to request assistance. The Information Technology and Digital Accessibility Review Committee shall be responsible for:

  1. developing, maintaining and updating the Standards for the Accessibility of Information Technology and Digital Content,
  2. developing a plan for implementation of these standards,
  3. identifying and distributing best practices and resource information regarding accessible information technology and digital content,
  4. reviewing and making recommendations to the Vice Presidents to grant exceptions to the policy,
  5. determining the content and frequency of trainings and assessing the quality and effectiveness of these trainings, and
  6. reviewing and updating the policy.

The Information Technology and Digital Accessibility Review Committee members include faculty, staff, students and administrators. The Vice Presidents and the Faculty Senate Executive Board, Associated Students of Fort Lewis College, or their designees, shall appoint committee members.


  • Anastasia Abshire, Student representative
  • Erin Beezley, Director - Human Resources
  • James Bodine, Manager, Web Services & Middleware - Information Technology
  • Lori Dykstra, Web Marketing Specialist - Marketing & Communications
  • Elvira England, Instructional Multimedia Developer - Teaching & Learning Services
  • Angela Ferguson, Professional Development/Training Specialist - Human Resources
  • Gwang Yon Hwang, Assistant Professor, Health Sciences
  • Clint Jacobsen, Instructional Tech, Faculty Support Manager - Teaching & Learning Services
  • Douglas Lyon, Professor of Management, School of Business Administration
  • Sarah Malin (co-chair), Resource and Accessibility Coordinator - Accessibility Resource Center
  • Matthew McGlamery, Director - Information Technology
  • Jeffrey Miller, Director - Physical Plant Services
  • Kristin Polens (co-chair), Director - Accessibility Resource Center
  • Allison Riggs, Assistant to Dean of Student Engagement
  • Leah V., Reed Library
  • April Zion, Director - Purchasing & Contracts