Approving Proposals via Cayuse

Picture Guide: Approving Proposals via Cayuse (PDF)

  1. Log into Cayuse 424
  2. Click Routing and Approval*
  3. In Routing Hot List box select proposal you need to approve. “Steps away” will be “0”.
  4. Click on the correct proposal name.  
  5. The proposal’s Summary Page opens.
  6. Review and approve/retract as necessary.

Approving Proposals via Email

Picture Guide: Approving Proposals via Email (PDF)

  1. Click on the email link in the Cayuse email notice.  
  2. Log in using your FLC user name and password.
  3. Review info on the proposal’s Summary page. For budget detail, click on RR Budget on left sidebar.
  4. Click Documents on sidebar.  
  5. Click on narrative .pdf documents to read them.
  6. Click “Routing & Approval” on sidebar.
  7. To approve and move it to the next reviewer, click the box by your name.  Click “approve” button on dialog box that appears. Add comments if you wish.
  8. To retract (reject) the proposal and send it back to the PI, click (uncheck) the box by the PI’s name.   
  9. Click “retract” when the dialog box appears; add comments so the PI knows what changes to make.
  10. Click “sign out” (upper right corner) to send to next approver.