As the PI, it is your responsibility to be sure you are in compliance with all reporting required for the grant award.  The grant award documents will stipulate what these requirements are, when and how to submit reports, and what should be included.  Typically the PI is responsible for completing the non-financial reporting.  The Senior Accountant will assist the PI with financial reporting.  

Note that all federally funded grants require a Federal Financial Report (FFR).  Other granting agencies will notify the PI via email of reporting requirements and/or have an online platform for submitting reports.  

Please contact our office, the Senior Accountant in the Controller’s Office or the granting agency’s Program Officer for clarification about report requirements associated with the grant award.

Reporting requirements may include:

  • All grants require reporting at least annually
  • May require a financial breakdown (prepared by the Senior Accountant in the Controller’s Office)
  • May require that you submit a narrative report on project activities, benchmarks, or deliverables (ask us for guidance)
  • Copies of all reports you file with the sponsor must also be submitted to the Controller’s Office

Moving expenses between orgs and/or accounts

Did expenses related to your grant get recorded to a different org or to the wrong account? If the transaction has not yet posted to the accounting system (Banner), please make sure to code your transaction directly to your grant org. If you made a purchase using an office administrator/grant coordinator’s p-card, communicate with them about which org and account you want the transaction recorded to.

Once transactions have been posted to Banner, you need to make a JV request to get the expenses moved. JV Requests have been moved to a group in the cloud called “Controller's Office – JVRequest.”   If you have not requested a JV in the recent past or are not finding this group, enter the email address, then push “tab” until “Controller's Office – JVRequest” shows up in the “To” box.  When you send again in the future, you will see the “Controller's Office – JVRequest” as the default. Please use this process to submit all JV requests. Please use the JV Request Form for Requestor to Attach to Email form to help you explain your request to the Controller's Office.