Dr. Jared Beeton

Dr. Jared Beeton
Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies


  • Environmental geography


  • PhD in Geography, University of Kansas
  • MA in Earth Sciences, University of Northern Colorado
  • BS in Park Resource Management


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Dr. Jared Beeton is available to comment on topics related to areas of interest or expertise. If you need further assistance, contact Public Affairs at 970-247-6073 or by email.

About Dr. Jared Beeton

I am an environmental geographer with three major avenues of research: 1) mountain river systems and how they respond to climate change, humans, and intrinsic controls, 2) guitar tone woods and how they relate to deforestation and climate change, and 3) soils and paleoenvironmental analyses. My work is published in international journals such as Nature and Quaternary Research, in regional journals such as The San Luis Valley Historian, in popular magazines such as EARTH, and in peer-reviewed books including the 2017 New Mexico Geological Survey Guidebook. I teach courses in environmental studies, research methods, and natural resource management.

Selected Publications

Alger-Meyer, E., Beeton, J.M., Stucky, R.K., and Holen, S.R., Mammalian Fauna and Paleoenvironment of Villa Grove Pleistocene Site, Villa Grove, Colorado Annals of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, in review.

Johnson, B., Gillam, M., and Beeton, J.M. 2017. Glaciations of the San Juan Mountains: A review of work done since Atwood and Mather. In:  The Geology of the Ouray-Silverton Area, Karlstrom, Karl E.; Gonzales, David A.; Zimmerer, Matthew J.; Heizler, Matthew; Ulmer-Scholle, Dana S., (eds.) 2017, 219 pages, NMGS, ISBN: 978-1-58546-104-2.

Holen, S.R., Demere, T.A., Fisher, D.C., Fullagar, R., Paces, J.B., Jefferson, G.T., Beeton, J.M., Cerutti, R.A., Rountrey, A.N., Vescera, L., and Holen, K.A., 2017. A 130,000-year-old Archaeological Site in Southern California, Nature, v. 544, 479-483

Beeton, J.M., 2016, Teaching Geology to Biologists: An Interdisciplinary Field Trip in Africa, EARTH Magazine, v. 61, n. 8, p. 37-41.

Beeton, J.M., 2014, Mammoths and Early North Americans in the San Luis Valley, Colorado, San Luis Valley Historian. v. 46, n. 4, p. 9-23.

Carver, D., and Beeton, J.M., 2014, Holocene Landscape Evolution and Geoarchaeology of Low-Order Streams in the Rio Grande Basin, San Juan Mountains, Colorado, USA, Quaternary Research. v. 82, p. 331-341.

Selected professional conference presentations

Ott, C., Beeton, J.M., Simmons, C., Ivers, K., Johnson, B.G., and Smith, J., 2017, Postglacial Paleoclimatic Fluctuations Driving Terrace Development in the Southeastern San Juan Mountains of Colorado, USA, Association of American Geographers, National Meeting, Boston, MA

Beeton, J.M., 2016, Endangered Species, Recycled Tonewoods, and the Guitars of Jerry Garcia, Association of American Geographers, National Meeting, San Francisco, CA

Clock, S.D., Ott, C.W., Beeton, J.M., Johnson, B., Smith, J., 2016, An Undergraduate Researcher’s Guide to Building a Geomorphic GIS Database, Association of American Geographers, National Meeting, San Francisco, CA

Aspinwall, D.P., Carlson, T.P., Popelka, J.R., Jones, M.Z., Beeton, J.M., Smith, J.A., and Johnson, B.J., 2015, Methods of Reconstructing Paleoenvironments in Mountain Valleys: Dendrochronology, OSL, 14C, 10Be, and Soils on Moraines and Terraces in the Upper Rio Grande Basin, San Juan Mountains, USA, Association of American Geographers, National Meeting, Chicago, IL

Carlson, T., Aspinwall, D., Popelka, J., Carver, D., and Beeton, J.M., 2014, The relationship between soil development and age on moraines and terraces in the Rio Grande Headwaters of south central Colorado, Geological Society of America, National Meeting, Vancouver, BC 

Honors and Awards

  • Nomination for Exemplary Professor
    Adams State University, 2016  
  • Nomination for Excellence in Student Engagement
    Adams State University, 2013  
  • Nomination for Excellence in Student Centered Instruction
    Adams State University, 2013  
  • Presidential Teaching Award Finalist 
    Adams State University, 2012 
  • Presidential Teaching Award Finalist 
    Adams State College, 2011