Counseling helps you do your best

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We all need some help sometimes. Living is complicated, full of ups and downs. And being a student adds pressure and challenges you may not have experienced before. The Counseling Center is here to support you as an FLC student. Your student fees include four counseling sessions. And our center is here to support you for as long as you need it.

Need immediate help?

  • EmergencyCall 911 or go to the Emergency Room at Mercy Medical Center, 1010 Three Springs Boulevard
  • After hoursCall 24 Hour Crisis Hotline at 970-247-5245
  • More about crisis support

How it works

If you are enrolled in at least 8 credits, your student fees include an intake and four counseling sessions (this is prorated for students enrolled in fewer than 8 credits). Additional sessions are $35 each.

More about our services

Schedule an appointment

Call 970-247-7212.

Is this normal?

Anonymous online self-assessment

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Do I need counseling? Is this a big deal? Or is this just normal? It can be hard to tell sometimes. Use these anonymous self-assessment tools to get some feedback. Find a quite place. Give yourself ten minutes, and be honest in your responses.

Penn State anonymous self-screen


Ulifeline anonymous self-screen

Use the Self Evaluator (green button in the menu at the top of the screen). Answer a few quick questions about depression, anxiety, disordered eating, or substance use.


These self-screening tools are completely anonymous. No one sees them but you. Results are not monitored by any mental health professionals. Call 911 in an emergency or get info about support for crises.


In addition to, or sometimes instead of, counseling, there are things we can do to make living our lives a little easier. Check out some ideas for managing stress, depression, anxiety, homesickness, and more.


Reporting concerns

Student grievances

You have the right to pursue resolutions with FLC faculty, staff, or administrators. We can help you.

Find resolution

Anonymous report

Report anonymosly if you are concerned an FLC student or employee may be a victim of assault, harassment, or discrimination.

Tell someone

Reporting students

Report student behavior to your department chair or supervisor. Call 911 for emergencies.

Report up


Wellness workshops

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Bloom where you are planted

Healthy Romantic Relationships Workshop

An interactive and informative workshop about romantic relationships. Learn basic skills and information about establishing, maintaining, and exiting a romantic relationship.

  • Free, 3-Part Workshop
  • Tuesdays 3-4pm, April 12, 19 & 26
  • Sponsored by the Counseling Center
  • Dev Space (room 139 Reed Library)

Anxiety Toolbox Workshop

The Anxiety Toolbox is a free three-part workshop series designed to help you better recognize your anxiety symptoms and triggers while learning strategies for coping with and reducing your anxiety symptoms. College students commonly experience stress/anxiety. This workshop is designed to build on each topic presented in the previous workshop, therefore, attendance of all three sessions is encouraged. Each member will have the opportunity to create their own plan to manage their anxiety symptoms utilizing tools learned in the workshop. 

Day/Time: 5-6pm Mondays, April 11, 18 and 25
Location: Dev Space (Room 139 Reed Library)

  • Increase your understanding of anxiety
  • Recognize symptoms and build skills
  • Navigate difficult situations
  • Improve relationship with self and others


Recognition Insight and Openness (RIO) Workshop

Join us for the Recognition Insight and Openness (RIO) Workshop 11-12pm on April 5, 12 and 19. Build skills to help you manage your emotions by developing an understanding of your concerns, learning ways to view and approach your concerns and increase ways to live with a wide range of emotions.

More Wellness Workshops to be announced!