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Counseling Center services & resources

Students come here for support with depression, anxiety, adjustment to college life, situational challenges, trauma, the treatment of ongoing conditions, or help with deepening self-identity. We offer scheduled counseling or walk-in support, and an in-house Advocate & Case Manager who helps with on- and off-campus resources.

We also provide resources that extend beyond our counseling services. Learn more about supporting students and each other, including our Survivor Support Fund to assist survivors of sexual violence.

Reporting concerns

Student grievances

You have the right to pursue resolutions with FLC faculty, staff, or administrators.
We can help you.

Anonymous report

Report anonymously if you are concerned an FLC student or employee may be a victim of assault, harassment, or discrimination.

Reporting students

Report student behavior to your department chair or supervisor.
Call 911 for emergencies.

Diversity & inclusion

The Fort Lewis College Counseling Center staff acknowledge and respect that students come from various intersectional backgrounds and bring multiple perspectives, beliefs, and strengths unique to each of you. We welcome everyone and value your diverse experiences and identities.

We recognize the historical impact of racism, discrimination, and injustice on people and communities and how these systemic inequalities may continue to affect the wellness of people and communities today.

By understanding the history, present achievements, and challenges faced by people from numerous social identities, we can celebrate successes while continuing to advocate for social change and justice.

We are engaged in ongoing efforts to diversify our staff, grow our ability as a team to be culturally responsive and inclusive, and look at and change policies, language, and practices that don’t align with this effort. As a whole, our staff members, regardless of identity, aspire to create a safe, affirming, inclusive and welcoming environment at the Counseling Center.

Counseling Center

Location: 260 Noble Hall

Local Crisis Hotline: 970-247-5245


Fall/Winter Terms:
8 a.m. - noon, 1-5 p.m., Monday-Friday

8 a.m. - noon, 1-5 p.m., Tuesday & Thursday