The purpose of Student Housing is to provide a quality living and learning experience for the campus community, in an effort to develop informed, contributing, and responsible individuals. Our core goals include: Fostering Community, Celebrating Diversity, Maximizing Facilities, and focusing on the Individual Growth for our residents and student staff.

To this end, the department is committed to assessing the experiences, satisfaction levels and learning outcomes of our residents, guests and student staff. Assessments are done through a variety of methods, including:

  • An Annual “Quality of Life” Satisfaction Survey
  • Analysis of application trends, discipline statistics and various reports
  • Event evaluations, process debriefs and focus groups
  • Staff Evaluations and Feedback

Below is a sample of specific LEARNING OUTCOMES we are currently assessing:

  1. Residents involved in the disciplinary system for drug and alcohol related incidents will learn how to make balanced life choices and decrease their incidence of similar conduct.
  2. Residents who participate in Living Learning Communities or Faculty in Residence programs will establish positive relations with program faculty and program staff.
  3. First year campus residents will establish a positive sense of social competence during their first academic year.
  4. Resident Assistants will be proficient at using tools to identify resident needs and utilize the information to improve their residence life community.
  5. Resident Assistants are able to identify an awareness of diversity and articulate how to contribute to an inclusive social climate.