Our Purpose & Goals

The Fort Lewis College Student Housing staff works collectively to provide a quality living and learning experience for the Campus community, in an effort to develop informed, contributing, and responsible individuals.

College residential communities and the programs they provide are vital parts of the collegiate educational process. Residence Halls and student apartments have traditionally been built for three main reasons. First, to provide students with a safe environment. Second, to provide students with a place secure from the physical elements. Third, to provide students with a stimulating environment. In addition to this, it is the goal of Student Housing to create a communal atmosphere which teaches the appreciation of others, and the differences to be found among others. The accomplishment of this goal is also centered upon an observance of and commitment to published guidelines and Student Housing standards. As we as staff members develop professional attitudes and abilities which facilitate making sound judgment in a variety of situations, we can better develop responsible behavior and mature judgment in our residents. To become fully accountable for one’s behavior is the desired outcome.

As collegiate residential communities are composites of society in general, it is important that residents learn to appreciate differences in people, culture, and lifestyles. A willingness to grow emotionally, intellectually, and responsibly is expected of each resident in our system. You and the RAs, are the principal factors in utilizing the “Teachable Moment” as it arises in the Student Housing setting. Our commitment is to the student’s experience outside the classroom and includes teaching them to function in a community and feel a part of that community. The guidelines and expectations outline in the Student Housing Guide reflect this philosophy.

Our Core Goals:

  • Foster Community
  • Celebrate Diversity
  • Maximize Facilities
  • Individual Growth