2023-24 Hozhoni Ambassador & First Attendant

2023-24 Hozhoni Ambassador & First AttendantHozhoni Ambassador and First attendant

Suntilla Jack
Yuchi/Euchee, Alabama-Quassarte, and Muscogee (Creek)
Major: Double major in Native American Indigenous Studies and English

Komvkates! Suntilla Jack cv hocefkv tos. 

Greetings! My name is Suntilla Jack. I am Yuchi/Euchee, Alabama-Quassarte, and Muscogee (Creek). I am a sophomore double majoring in Native American Indigenous Studies and English, with a minor in philosophy. I am thrilled to be the newly titled 2023-24 Hozhoni Ambassador! It fills my heart with so much joy to represent the Indigenous population here at Fort Lewis College. During my time as Hozhoni Ambassador, I hope to guide and assist students in finding their cultural identity. Additionally, I would like to enhance the Indigenous community on campus. By promoting fellowship and resources. It is my goal to make as many Indigenous students and families feel secure during and after their time here at Fort Lewis College.  

First Attendant

Jordyn Begay
Navajo Nation
Major: Double major in Psychology and Native American and Indigenous Studies

Yá’át’ééh, shí eí Jordyn Begay yinishé, Tł’ízí lání nishłi. Bit’ahnii bashischiin. Lók’aa Dine’é dashicheii. Ta’neeszahnii dashinalí. Tiis Nás Baas déé naasha’. Ákót’éego Diné Asdzáán nishłí. Psychology dóó Native American and Indigenous Studies íínsta’. 

Hello, my name is Jordyn Begay. I am representing the Navajo Nation. I am Many Goats born for the Folded Arms Clan. My maternal grandfather is Reed People Clan and my paternal grandfather is Tangled Clan. I am from Teec Nos Pos, AZ. I am a senior double majoring in Psychology and Native American and Indigenous Studies.  I am elated to be the newly titled 2023-24 First Attendant and representing Fort Lewis College! During my time as First Attendant, I hope to promote advocacy with mental health issues such as hosting workshops, seminars, and events that address mental health topics such as stress management, mindfulness, and coping strategies. As well as bring more awareness with Language Revitalization by collaborating with Native RSO's to host workshops and events that promote language revitalization and preservation. Lastly, I want to provide opportunities for Indigenous students to share their experiences, stories, and perspectives. Empower them to take leadership roles in advocacy efforts and create a sense of belonging and pride in their cultural identities.

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