Ballantine Media Center

A place for collaborative storytelling

The Ballantine Media Center in our Student Union is a place for collaborative storytelling, and home to student media at FLC, including KDUR public radio, The Independent, and Images magazine. Students intern with these organizations, submit artwork, and volunteer their contributions to FLC's ever-unfolding story.

The Independent

Indy Instagram post with coffee and muffin

The Independent News Organization, a student-run news service, serves the FLC community with a bi-weekly print magazine and an online publication for breaking news. Intern with the Indy, or just get your news with your morning coffee.

Images Magazine

Images Magazine cover art

Images Magazine is FLC's student-run literary and art magazine, featuring thought-provoking prose, poetry, and visual art that represents our diverse student population. Submit a photo, illustration, poem or prose, or intern on the editorial team. Or just enjoy a good read.

KDUR community radio

A baby wearing a KDUR tee shirt and big headphones

KDUR's volunteer-powered college and community radio serves FLC and La Plata County with diverse music, alternative news, and local public affairs broadcasting. Volunteer as a DJ or intern for a fuller experience.