Student Request Form

Pease complete the following form with information about your request, treatment, and current needs.

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  • Information Regarding Proposed ESA

  • Note: Animals must be toilet or litter trained, have all vaccinations up-to-date, and meet the minimum of 6 months of age.

  • So that we may better evaluate the request for this accommodation, please answer the following questions and be specific.

  • Acknowledgment

  • Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.

    We recognize having an ESA in the residence hall or family housing can be beneficial and Emotional Support Animals can perform an important role in the life of a person with mental or emotional conditions; however, the practical limitations of our housing arrangements make it necessary to carefully consider the impact of the request on both the student and the campus community.

    When people who do not have a disability abuse the system by misrepresenting a pet as an ESA to obtain special accommodation, they undermine important accommodations for individuals with a legitimate need for this assistance.

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