How do I manage my SkyCard account (depositing funds, deactivating a stolen/lost card, viewing transactions)?

  • Stop by the SkyCard Office or the Cashier Office.
  • 24/7  - visit the SkyCash Deposit site or use the SkyCard link at theFort Portal.
  • There is a convenient mobile application available for smart phones that allows you to manage your SkyCard and SkyCash account.

To use the mobile App, first you must have accessed your SkyCard account online by going through theFort Portal or the SkyCard website - see step 2 mentioned above. This "registers" the online account. Once you have "registered", follow the easy steps below to use the mobile App.

Apple App Store for iOS

  • Go to the iTunes App Store on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • Search on Blackboard Transact and install the App.
  • Open the App and select Fort Lewis College.
  • That is it! Login with your FLC credentials to access your SkyCard account.

For Android OS in the Google Play store.

  • Install  Blackboard (Bb) Transact Mobile eAccounts to your AndroidTM device.
  • Tap the eAccounts icon to open the application.
  • Tap the Add a Site button to add the FLC  eAccounts portal.
  • Login with your FLC credential to access your SkyCard account.

Lost or stolen cards should be replaced as soon as possible by coming during business hours to the SkyCard Office, across the hall from the Campus Post Office in the Student Union Building, room 005. If the Skyhawk Station is closed and you are a STUDENT RESIDENT that relies on their SkyCard for access to a meal plan and your residential building/bedroom then contact your RD or RA. They will assign you a temporary Door Access card and a temporary Meal Plan Access card. Your SkyCard accounts can be protected anytime by logging into theFort Portal and selecting the SkyCard link where you can deactivate the account. There is a replacement fee of $15, which may be paid for with cash, check, credit card, or by billing the student’s account. Once the new card is generated the lost card will become invalid. A photo ID is not required to replace a lost card since your photo should already be stored in our database.

Refunds Refer to the Policies page for questions regarding refunds of remaining SkyCash balances.

Do not hole punch your SkyCard.

We have begun to use cards with microchips embedded within them. A hole punch will compromise the microchip's antennae and disable the card's ability to function as a contactless door and meal access card.

A word about unauthorized use…..
Although entrusted to you, the SkyCard remains the property of the College. Unauthorized use or use by a party other than the person identified on the SkyCard, as well as tampering with or alteration of the card, warrants confiscation and possible disciplinary action by the College.