Correcting or amending personal information

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How to...

Legal name change

If you are changing your name, your new name will appear on transcripts ordered after the change has been processed. You can even order a replacement diploma that reflects your new name!

To request a legal name change for your student record:

  • Complete the Name Change Request form.
  • Submit the form and any documentation by:
    • Secure online upload
    • Deliver in person to Skyhawk Station
    • Mail to:
      Skyhawk Station
      1000 Rim Drive
      Durango CO, 81301
Preferred name change

Use the WebOPUS Personal Information page to request an update to your preferred name. 

  1. Login to WebOPUS.
  2. Navigate to the Personal Information page.
  3. Choose “Edit personal details.” 
  4. Type the preferred name in the space for the preferred name.
  5. Update the “Preferred Name” field and click Update.
  6. The Registrar will review and either approve or deny a request
    1. Registrar can deny a request if the requested first name is considered obscene or derogatory, or is not considered a name.
Pronouns and preferred name change on your SkyCard

You can get one free SkyCard replacement by visiting Skyhawk Station in person. After this, you can replace for $15 online.

If you have updated your preferred name on WebOPUS, your SkyCard will reflect your preferred name.

Pronouns change

Change your pronouns on WebOPUS

  1. Login to WebOPUS.
  2. Navigate to the Personal Information page.
  3. Choose Edit personal details.
  4. Choose a pronoun from the drop-down menu.
  5. If your correct pronoun is not included, you may select “My pronoun is not listed.” The registrar will then send you an email asking you to provide your correct pronoun.

Change your pronouns on Canvas 

  1. Login to Canvas.
  2. Click on your headshot or icon. 
  3. Select profile.
  4. Click on Edit Profile
  5. Immediately beneath your name, you’ll see pronouns. Select pronouns from the dropdown menu. 
Record correction or amendment

Correct your social security number, date of birth, name, or other information if it was incorrectly saved in your student record.

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