Processing an Enrollment Verification

Enrollment verification is a service for current and former students for various purposes, including scholarships, employment, loans, and insurance. In most cases, the student must sign a Release of Information before we can process Enrollment Verification requests.

Official FLC Enrollment Verification letter

Authorize the release of your student records and request a letter. Expect 3-5 business days to process. Spring and Summer 2024 semesters only.

Self-Service Enrollment Verification in Workday

Current students can complete a Self-Service Enrollment Verification in Workday beginning with Fall 2024 registration.

Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Education Verification

Download and fill out the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend PFD Education Verification.

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Confidentiality Overview - Workday

If you agree to share your information beyond FLC, it remains protected under FERPA. This consent allows us to verify your attendance with external parties like employers, graduate schools, and scholarship agencies. If you prefer to keep your information confidential, you request that your records be kept private. This means all college business must be handled in person, and we cannot verify your attendance with anyone, even after graduation.  

Opting to publicize your directory information means it will be listed in the FLC Student Directory and accessible only to those with active FLC accounts. This choice does not waive your FERPA rights if you do not want to be in the directory. 

Enrollment Verification for Current Students - Workday
  1. Navigate to the Academics app from either the Workday home page, Your Top Apps box, or the MENU at the top left of the Workday portal.
  2. Find the Transcripts header on the correct task column list.
  3. Select Self-Service Enrollment Verification.
  4. Click the Academic Period field and type the term you wish to view. (ex. “Spring 2024”). Click Enter and select the desired term from the search results.
    *The Program of Study field is optional, but you can type the name of the program of study and click Enter to find the result.
  5. In the Issue To field, type the entity the enrollment verification needs to reference, if applicable.
  6. Check the boxes for the information you want to include in the enrollment verification (including Degree Program, GPA, Anticipated Graduation Date, Class Schedule, and Student ID). Any boxes not checked will not appear on the final document.
  7. Click OK to proceed.
  8. From this page, you can print the document to a PDF by clicking the Print button at the bottom. The document may load and pop up within a few seconds, which you can download.
    *You may instead receive a message that says, “Your Request is Being Processed. You can continue to wait or choose to be notified later.” This message is informing you that the document is being loaded. Click Notify Me Later to remove the notification.
  9. Click on the bell icon at the top right of your Workday portal to find the document in your Notifications once it has been created. There will be an item in your Notifications called document Available: Print Layout-Self Service Enrollment Verification… pdf is now available… in the description.
  10. Select the notification from your list on the left and then click the blue file in the notification details to open the Enrollment Verification document.
  11. This document can be printed or downloaded from the buttons at the top right of the pop-up. Click the back arrow at the top left to return to Workday.
Student Directory - Workday

Staff, faculty, and students can search for students on Workday using the Public Student Directory report. This directory is only viewable in Workday, so only individuals with a Workday account can access this information. 

  1. From the search bar at the top of the Workday portal, type “Public Student Directory” and select the report from the search results.
  2. From the report, individuals can search for any student using the search bar or available filters on the left column, and view certain information that you choose to disclose from your privacy settings. Based upon your selection under Manage Your Privacy settings, others may be able to view the following:
    • Primary Institutional Address
    • Primary Institutional Phone Number
    • Primary Institutional email address
    • Date of Birth
    • Academic Level
    • Class Standing
    • Academic Unit
    • Primary Program of Study
    • Expected Graduation Date
    • Athletic Team
  3. You can update what you would like others to see anytime from Manage My Privacy Settings, found from your search bar.


  • Advisors, Skyhawk Station, Financial Aid, and other student-serving staff or faculty roles may be able to view more of your academic or financial information than listed.
  • If you change your privacy settings in Workday to “I don’t want my directory information to be public”, you will not appear in this directory. Course rosters in Canvas will display your name as {(Last Name) “Private, (First Name) “Private”).

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