Transfer credits at Fort Lewis College

Fort Lewis College remains committed to granting incoming transfer students as many credits as possible. For general inquiries, transfer appeal questions, and questions about Transferology, contact

Reverse Transfer Policy

If you transferred to FLC from a two-year institution, you can combine your credits toward an associate degree while you work on your bachelor's degree through a program called Reverse Transfer.

There is no impact on your current academic standing or financial aid. This is simply a way to get the credentials you've already earned.

Eligibility for reverse transfer

  • You have completed 15 credit hours at a community college in Colorado
  • You have a minimum of 70 credit hours, including coursework at FLC
  • You transferred to FLC Summer of 2012 or later
  • Your completed credit hours meet the requirements for an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Associate of General Studies (determined by degree audit)
  • You have not requested that your data be withheld
  • You have not already received an associate's or bachelor's degree.
  • If you are currently not enrolled at FLC but have been within the last two years and meet the above eligibility requirements, you may still be eligible. Contact us to find out.

How it works

  • If you are eligible for Reverse Transfer, you'll receive an email from us every year in March. If you want to participate, use the tool in that email.
  • If you attended any other higher education institutions, send your official transcripts to your community college so those credits can be considered toward your associate degree.
Study Abroad Transfer Evaluation Inquiry

Find out if your credits as a Study Abroad student transfer to Fort Lewis College.

Transfer Credit Evaluation Appeal

You have the right to appeal Fort Lewis College's Initial Transfer Evaluation decisions regarding the transferability of a course and how a course(s) is transferred from another accredited college or university.

Transfer Policy for Associate Degrees from institutions outside of Colorado

In most cases, students who have earned an Associate degree (AA or AS) from institutions other than public Colorado institutions will undergo the typical course-by-course credit evaluation.

The Registrar's Office maintains a list of institutions with a blanket exception. All Liberal Arts Core requirements get waived for transfer students who earned an AA or AS from one of the institutions on that list.

When the Registrar's Office does a course-by-course evaluation for a student who earned an AA or AS at a non-Colorado institution not on that list, they review that institution's general education requirements to see if it is similar in structure and scope to Colorado's gtPathways. If it is found sufficiently similar, that institution will join the list.

Students must fulfill all prerequisites for Fort Lewis College courses, even if Registrar's Office waived their Liberal Arts Core requirements.

Transferology Tool

Use Transferology, a third-party website, to see how your credits will transfer toward a degree at FLC. It is a quick and simple process to gain access to their widely-used database of colleges and universities around Colorado, the country, and the world.

If you don't see your course in Transferology, email

Transferring credits with a Pass/No Pass grading scale

We understand colleges and universities nationwide deviated from their traditional grading schemes for all Spring 2020 - Fall 2021 courses, with many moving to a version of Pass/No Pass grading scale. To account for this, we accept any course with transferable course content for which the student earned a P grade, provided that P is equivalent to a grade of C- or higher.

Viewing Transfer Credits and External Records - Workday

View your transferred credits in your Workday profile.

  1. Click on the "photo" icon at the top right of your Workday portal. Then click "View Profile."
  2. Select the "Academics" section in the profile's left blue column.
  3. Click on the External Records tab across the top of the section.
  4. Here, you will see your transfer credits from other schools, standardized testing scores, and placement for math and comp courses.  

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