Learn how to add, drop, or withdraw from classes

This process can be complicated. Contact Skyhawk Station or your advisor for help.

*Register for Summer Session classes in WebOPUS. Starting Fall 2024, you'll register through Workday instead.

First week class changes

You can add or drop classes easily during the first week of the semester.

Get advising help

If you need help with any part of the registration process, don't worry—your advisor is here to support you!

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Add a class after the semester has started - WebOPUS

The process for adding classes depends on when you do it.

Fall and spring semesters

  • The first week of the semester
    • You can add classes on WebOPUS until 11:59 p.m. on Thursday of the first week of the semester.
  • After the first week of classes
    • You can only add classes with the instructor's permission (contact the instructor) using the Post-Census Course Addition form
    • You will not be eligible for federal student aid and COF for courses added after Census.

Summer semester

  • For Summer 2024, the last day to add classes is Monday, April 22. 

Census (sometimes called Census Date) is the official count of student enrollment at FLC; we count at the end of the 12th day of classes for fall, spring, and summer terms, which always falls on Tuesday of the third week of courses. The summer term has only one Census date, even though courses have various start dates.

Spring 2024 Census: Tuesday, January 30

Course Withdrawal

Course Withdrawal, or CW, refers to a course dropped after the Census (the 12th day of the semester). You are permitted to use a total of 3 Course Withdrawals during your time at Fort Lewis College for any reason, no questions asked.

To withdraw from a course using a CW, fill out our online Withdrawal From Course Form at your Student Resource Center. You can also visit Skyhawk Station and pick up a Course Withdrawal form, and our staff will process the CW for you on the spot. This Course Withdrawal will not affect your financial aid for this term, and you will still owe the full amount for the class on your student bill. You should also be aware that dropping a course could affect your Pace Towards Graduation, impacting your eligibility for Financial Aid. 

We encourage you to speak with a Skyhawk Advisor to understand the consequence of dropping a course or to explore other options such as tutoring and/or talking to your professor.

Course Withdrawal Deadlines - Spring 2024

Spring 2024

Part of Term Code CW Deadline Courses with CRN(s)
Full Term Courses
1/15/24 - 5/3/24
3/29/24 All Full Term Courses
1/15/24 - 3/1/24
2/16/24 AE 141 (31128)
AE 220 (31131)
AE 230 (31132)
AE 241 (31134)
AE 242 (31135, 31136, 31236, 31237)
AE 243 (31137)
AE 343 (31141)
3/4/24 - 4/26/24
4/12/24 AE 121 (31126, 31127)
AE 201 (31129)
AE 210 (31130)
AE 231 (31133)
AE 301 (31138)
AE 325 (31139)
AE 331 (31140)
2/23/24 First Year Launch (8-week classes)
4/5/24 FLC 101 (31227)
Drop a Course During Registration - Workday

You can drop a course section from View My Courses in Workday during open registration periods.

  1. Navigate to the Academics app from either the Workday home page, Your Top Apps box, or the MENU at the top left of the Workday portal.
  2. Find the Academic Records header on the right tasks column.
  3. Select View My Courses from the task list.
  4. View your list of My Enrolled Courses and scroll the list to the farthest right until you can see a Drop button next to each course.
  5. Select the Drop button next to the course you would like to drop.
  6. Check the Confirm box on the next window. Then select OK.
  7. Select Done in the next window to confirm that the task was completed successfully.

*Note: The Drop button will not be visible after the registration period closes post-census.

Dropping a class or classes after Census Date

Contact a Skyhawk Specialist for the best way to drop all your classes after the Census Date. Dropping a class or classes after the Census Date is considered a withdrawal.

There are three ways to withdraw:

  1. Use one of your 3 Course Withdrawals (CW)
  2. Use your single Semester Withdrawal (SW)
  3. Petition for an Administrative Withdrawal (AW).

Dropping or withdrawing consequences

Dropping or withdrawing from all classes can impact your on-campus housing and/or financial aid eligibility.

  • Housing: You must be enrolled in at least nine credits to live in the residence halls. If you drop below nine credits, you will have 48 hours to vacate the residence halls.
  • Financial Aid: Any change in your enrollment status can affect your eligibility for student loans and scholarships.
  • Tuition & Fees: Understand the Refund Policy for Tuition & Fees.
Dropping a class or classes before Census Date - WebOPUS

You will not automatically be dropped from classes you don't attend.

You can drop individual or all your classes before the first day of the semester up until the Census Date on WebOPUS. You will not be charged tuition and fees; these classes will not appear on your transcript.

  1. Login to WebOPUS.
  2. Find the "Registration" tab.
  3. Select "drop/delete" from the drop-down menu for the listed class
  4. Select "submit."
Incomplete Grades for Students

Considering taking an "Incomplete"? Here's what you need to know:

  • Incomplete Grades are issued at the instructor's discretion -- instructors are not required to allow a student to take an Incomplete for any reason.
  • The instructor can allow you up to one year to complete the outstanding coursework. They are not required to give you the whole year to complete the coursework.
  • If your instructor agrees to let you take an Incomplete, you have the option to fill out the Incomplete Grade Request form.
    • You will outline the agreed-upon terms on the form, including the coursework you need to complete and the time frame for completing it.
    • Both the student and the instructor must sign the form. 
  • An Incomplete will appear on your transcript with an "I" in place of a grade until one of two things happens:
    • You complete the required coursework within the time allowed, and your instructor submits a grade change form to the Registrar's Office. Registrar's Office staff will then replace the "I" on your transcript with the grade assigned by your instructor.
    • You fail to complete the required coursework, so the "I" will be changed to an "F" on your transcript after one year unless approved for an extension.
Leaving or taking a break from FLC

Learn how to leave FLC and the impacts on your transcript, financial aid, and billing. Understand your options, whether you plan to withdraw from all courses now, leave permanently in a future semester, or simply take a break.

Registration Step 1: Search for Classes - Workday

Course Sections will not be published in Workday for the Fall 2024 Semester until March 25.  

  • To view the course catalog, select View Course Catalog at FLC, located in the Academics app in the MENU on the top left of your Workday portal.
  • This report is under the Academic Advising & Planning section and has filtering options for your browsing needs. You cannot register for classes from this report, but you can see all courses offered at FLC without being bound by a specific semester.  
  • If you want to view classes to build a saved schedule before registering or want to register for courses, access Find Course Sections in the Academics App.   

Watch how to search for courses to register for from Find Course Sections:

  1. Navigate to the Academics app from the top left MENU in your Workday portal or Your Top Apps on the Workday homepage.   
  2. Under the Registration section, select Find Course Sections.  
  3. In the Start Date Within field, type the term and year you would like to browse and click enter to select from the search results (e.g., “Spring 2024”).  
  4. In the Academic Level field, select the academic level type you would like to see (Graduate, Remedial, or Undergraduate)  
  5. Leave the Campus Locations field blank. Click OK.  
  6. Browse courses using the search bar, the filters on the left side, or scrolling through the complete list.
  7. Select the course section name in blue to drill into the course details.   
Registration Step 3: Register for Classes from Saved Schedule - Workday

Adding course sections to a saved schedule does NOT register you for them! To complete registration, you must click the Register button from View My Saved Schedules:  

  1. Navigate to the Academics app from either the Workday home page, Your Top Apps box, or the MENU at the top left of the Workday portal.  
  2. Find the Registration section in the right column. Select View My Saved Schedules in the task list.  
  3. Click into the Start Date within the field, then click All to select the semester term you are registering for.  
  4. Click OK.  
  5.  When your registration window has opened, you will have a blue Start Registration button below your saved schedule to click.  
  6. On the next screen, review your course section selections one more time. Click Register when ready. Click Done.   
  7. Congratulations! You have registered!    

Switch Sections of a Course - Workday

Check out how to drop or swap a course section during registration:

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