Ready for Graduation?

As you register for your final courses to fulfill degree or certificate requirements, submit an Application for Graduation. All degree- and certificate-seeking students must apply to graduate.

The “Apply to Graduate” process in WebOPUS notifies the Registrar’s Office when you plan to complete degree or certificate requirements. We evaluate your record to ensure you are on track to graduate as planned. 

Learn how to apply with the Registrar's Graduation Guide.

The Registrar's Graduation Guide

Application for Graduation deadlines

We can consider your in-progress coursework in our evaluation and let you know if a schedule change is necessary to keep you on track before Census Date of your final semester.

  • Fall Graduation (December): May 1
  • Spring Graduation (May): December 1
  • Summer Graduation (July): December 1

You can apply to graduate throughout the term, but delaying this process means you will miss out on essential graduation communications and may be unable to have your name in the Commencement Program.  

Commencement Program Deadline

You must apply to graduate and have your application approved by the Registrar’s Office for your name to be in the Commencement Program. The deadline is usually in early November (for Fall Commencement) and early April (for Spring Commencement). 

Make any changes to your program

For adding or dropping any majors, minors, certificates, or other changes to your program, email the Registrar’s Office at with the following:

  • Your name
  • The last four digits of your student ID
  • The changes you want in your program

Register for your last semester of classes

Registering for your last semester of classes should happen as you are applying to graduate. The Application for Graduation opens the same day as registration begins for continuing students. Apply and register as soon as you can.

Early Summer Registration

Register for spring AND summer classes as soon as possible if you plan to finish your degree or certificate requirements in the summer. Spring registration usually begins in early November for all continuing students. Summer registration usually starts in early December for seniors and graduate students only. 

Run a degree audit in WebOPUS

Your degree audit tells you what requirements you have completed, are in progress, and haven’t been fulfilled yet. You may not be eligible to graduate if you have any missing requirements. Contact your advisor if you have questions about your degree requirements.

  • Requirements marked in green are completed.    
  • Requirements marked in blue means you are registered for a class that fulfills those requirements.    
  • Requirements marked in red have not been fulfilled.

If you still need to complete any degree requirements, now is the time to change your schedule to meet the requirements. Come by Skyhawk Station for help, or make an appointment with your professional advisor.

Submit your Application for Graduation

Once you've confirmed you will fulfill all degree and/or certificate requirements by the end of your final semester, it's time to submit your Application for Graduation

You do not need to be meeting degree requirements when you apply, but you need to be close. For example:

  • You are waiting for an independent study form or exception to be processed.
  • You are waiting for your degree audit to be adjusted due to an error or pending exception.
  • You are on the waitlist for a class. 
  • You plan to take a final requirement or test out of a course at another school.

If this situation applies to you, please submit your Application for Graduation anyway. Email to provide any supporting documentation or explanations for your Application for Graduation. The Registrar's Office will follow up with you if needed. 

Summer Graduates

If you need to take summer courses, select the summer graduation date when applying. Spring and summer graduates walk in the April/May ceremony, while fall graduates walk in the December ceremony.      
Your application only went through if you got a confirmation page.

Apply to Graduate

Graduation Fee

The fee covers your graduation regalia (cap and gown) and other associated costs. You will be charged a fee even if you do not intend to participate in Commencement.

  • Undergraduate students will have already paid their graduation fees in their first semester fees.
  • Graduate students will be charged an $80 graduation fee for submitting this application.

Check your FLC email for your application status

All official communications about your application and graduation-related announcements will be sent to your FLC email.

Applications submitted by the deadline will be processed before Census Date of the following term. The Registrar’s Office will send you a notification to your FLC email address about your graduation status. You may also monitor the status of your application in WebOPUS. 

Application for Grad Pending / Pre-review Process / Pending Manual Review: Your application has been received by the Registrar’s Office and is pending review. 

Application for Grad Approved: The Registrar’s Office has reviewed and approved your application. You are officially eligible to participate in commencement and are on track to graduate as planned. Congratulations! 

Graduation Issue: Your application has been reviewed by the Registrar’s Office, but it was determined that you are missing one or more requirements. You are not eligible to participate in commencement until the issue is resolved.

Graduation Hold: A graduation hold on your account means your Application for Graduation has been approved. Congratulations! If you plan to take courses after your graduation date, you must contact Skyhawk Station. This hold will allow you to order official transcripts, which will be removed once your degree has been conferred. 

Application to Graduation Appeals

You can appeal or apply for a later graduation date if your application is denied. To appeal, submit a new Application for Graduation and document how you will complete all missing degree requirements by the end of the semester.

Appeal deadlines

  • Fall (December) Graduation: The Friday before Fall Break in November
  • Spring (May) Graduation: The last business day of March
  • Summer (August) Graduation: The last business day of July

The difference between Graduation & Commencement


You officially complete your degree requirements and earn your degree. The Registrar's Office confirms you have completed your degree requirements after processing final grades. Diplomas are sent out approximately 6-8 weeks after the term ends—unless you have holds on your account.

Learn more about diplomas & transcripts


Commencement is the ceremony friends and family attend for graduating students. You wear regalia, walk across the stage, shake hands with the College president, and celebrate! We hold commencement in December and in late April or early May. Spring and Summer graduates join the April/May ceremony.

Get details for the next Commencement ceremony

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