Fort Lewis College Sky Card, Campus ID Card

Your SkyCard is your college ID. All students, staff, and faculty receive a SkyCard with your unique ID number and photo for verification. Use your SkyCard for:

  • Meals at San Juan Dining Hall or food at the other Campus Dining locations
  • Doing laundry in residence halls
  • Using printers in computer labs
  • Entrance to certain buildings and rooms on campus
  • And more...

For many student services (e.g. the Registrar or Financial Aid), you’ll be asked for your student ID number so it’s a good idea to keep it handy.

Students: get your Skycard

Example of how a Skycard photo needs to look: including head and shoulders, neutral background, no objects or other people.

Submit your photo online to get started, and then pick up your SkyCard at Skyhawk Station.

Photo requirements

In order for us to use a photo you submit, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Current color photo in .jpg format
  • Plain, white or off-white background - Centered, from view of full face
  • Leave enough background to include your torso
  • Full lighting with NO shadows
  • Straight face or smile
  • Only prescription glasses allowed

Unacceptable photos

When you're choosing a photo to submit, please make sure it does not include any of the following. We just can not accept any photos like these...

Staff & faculty: get your Skycard

Contact Randy Willis to get your SkyCard:

Phone: 970-247-7504

Add money to your SkyCard

Online anytime

You can add funds to your SkyCard online at any time. Friends and family can even add to your SkyCard so long as they have your name (as it appears on your card) and your student ID number. Download the app, too, to manage your SkyCard account from your mobile device. More on the app under Manage Your SkyCard.

Add cash to your SkyCard

In person

You can also up your funds in person in the lobby at Skyhawk Station or next to the information desk in the Student Union Building.