SkyCash versus Dining Dollars


SkyCash is a debit account that is accepted across campus. It is managed through the customer’s SkyCard. To use SkyCash, deposit funds into the account online or on campus and withdraw the funds when you use your SkyCard to purchase goods on campus.

  • SkyCash does not expire and it can be refunded at the end of the semester.
  • You can add more funds to your SkyCash account anytime: online or with the Blackboard Transact app, at Skyhawk Station, or next to the Information Desk in the Student Union
  • Contact our Accounting office about refunds of remaining SkyCash balances.

Dining & Flex Dollars

The Dining and Flex Dollar accounts are the debit account portions of our various meal plans. Using these accounts gives you flexibility in choosing when and where to eat on campus.

  • Dining and Flex Dollars are part of your meal plan.
  • Dining and Flex Dollars have a fixed dollar value and cannot be reloaded. When you run out of Dining or Flex Dollars, you can add SkyCash to your account and keep using your SkyCard for food at Campus Dining locations.
  • Dining Dollars are included with our Residential meal plans. They do expire at the end of each semester and cannot be refunded.
  • Flex Dollars are included with our Commuter meal plans. They cannot be refunded, but they do rollover from semester to semester.
  • Dining and Flex Dollars may also be used to pay for a guest’s purchases at any of the dining locations on campus.

For more information regarding Meal Plans, please contact Campus Dining Services at 970-247-7675.