Colorado's College Opportunity Fund - COFWhat is the College Opportunity Fund?

The College Opportunity Fund (COF) is for Fort Lewis College undergraduate students classified as in-state residents for tuition purposes and enrolled in classes. The COF is a Colorado state benefit that reduces Colorado residents' tuition. Just like a grant, you don't have to pay it back.


Students have up to 145 credit hours they can use at any Colorado college. If a student exceeds that amount, they can submit an appeal for a one-year extension by completing the COF Limit Waiver. Students requiring additional credits after the Fort Lewis College appeal process can submit an appeal through the State of Colorado.

For further information, check out the Frequently Asked Questions or contact Skyhawk Station.

Contact Skyhawk Station

How do you apply?

Step 1: Apply for the stipend on the state website by clicking the button below.

COF Online Student Application

Step 2: AUTHORIZE using your COF benefit when you register for classes

After applying, you must authorize the use of the stipend through the WebOpus account under Student Services, My Billing Information, and then Authorize COF Stipend. Verify your authorization by choosing COF Stipend Authorization History in My Billing Information. We recommend selecting the Lifetime Authorization so that you will not need to make this selection every semester. You can change your preference later.

Step 3 - SSN and DOB on File

Make sure your Social Security Number and Date of Birth are on file with FLC to apply COF to your student account.