COVID mitigation and masking updates

February 21, 2022


Despite the challenges of Omicron, our semester has started off as well as we could have imagined—our positive case numbers have dropped steadily, we have great compliance with our booster policy, and everyone is checking symptoms daily to get their green health pass. Way to stay safe and strong, Skyhawks! Our COVID mitigation strategies are paying off, which allows us to reevaluate and look to return to an even more engaging campus environment.

Masking update 

FLC’s low case count and high booster policy compliance, combined with dropping community COVID cases, mean we can partially lift our indoor mask requirement.

Starting February 22: 

  • Masks remain required in classrooms and densely crowded indoor spaces.  
  • Masks are optional in areas where individuals can spread out and transmission is least likely, including hallways, small meetings, the dining hall, the Student Life Center, and common areas in residence halls. 
  • Masks are optional for presenters in classrooms e.g., faculty or student speakers.   

The mask update is a result of multiple factors limiting the risk of disease spread and follows the conversations we’ve had with our local public health department about our low positivity rate and high booster policy compliance. With this change, we still need to practice common sense and respect others where there is a density of people.

What’s not changing 

Maintaining the following strategies is important as we ease up on mask use indoors. Here’s what’s not changing: 

  • The COVID vaccine/booster requirement is still in effect. Students who have yet to receive their booster must still get their shot as soon as they’re eligible and come into compliance with our policy. 
  • Weekly testing is still required for anyone who has a vaccine/booster exemption.  
  • Daily use of the FLC App to check for symptoms is still required; health passes are required for in-person engagement on campus and we highly encourage you to talk about symptoms and confirm green health passes before proceeding with mask-less meetings.  
  • Stay home if you have any symptoms. 

For the last two years, I’ve seen us hold each other accountable and to a high standard. As we step toward our goal of normalcy, I want to thank each of you for all your efforts thus far and your continued commitment to keeping our campus safe.  

I’m looking forward to seeing your smiles! 

Best, Tom


Tom Stritikus
Fort Lewis College