About Project Capstone

Fort Lewis College is part of an exciting and unique collaboration with Entangled Solutions, a pioneering innovation consultancy for higher education. In September 2019, FLC was selected to receive $2 million in-kind consulting support for two years under Project Capstone. This engagement is focused on continuing our enrollment and financial growth, and helping us preserve our mission while meeting the needs of our students and a changing labor market.

Project Capstone connects us to outside expertise to accelerate our strategic plan progress and connect us to the best ideas from across the country. We align with Entangled Solutions in looking at the opportunities in programming responsive to changing job and higher education landscapes. Most importantly, Entangled aligns with FLC in their approach to leveraging our institutional strengths and successes to propel us forward.

Current focus with Entangled Solutions

Our first project with Entangled is New Program Strategy/Development. This project will be led by a committee of faculty and staff selected by the Provost.

The New Program Strategy/Development committee will focus on building the foundation for new academic programs to expand enrollment, improve student retention and outcomes, and serve our local and regional needs. In addition to exploring the types of programs we could offer, they will explore the modality of delivery (online, hybrid, summer, undergraduate and graduate, and certificate pathways). The Provost will be a main contact for this committee’s progress so please look for updates from her throughout the semester.

While the committee and Entangled undertake this project, leadership will also look at how we can strengthen and grow existing programs. Our work with Entangled will allow us to not only strategically develop new degree options for students, but leverage the new structures and best practices of a changing higher education landscape into our current programs.

New Program Strategy/Development Committee

  • Jen Rider, Teaching and Learning Services director
  • Anne McCarthy, associate vice president of Academic Affairs and professor of Math
  • Richard Fulton, School of Education dean
  • Melissa Knight-Maloney, chair of Health Sciences and professor of Exercise Science
  • Michael Valdez, associate professor of Management
  • Paul DeBell, assistant professor of Political Science
  • Kathryn Gray, Student Services specialist for the Registrar's Office