Dr. Christopher Webb

Dr. Christopher Webb
Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Areas of expertise:

  • Medical Anthropology
  • North America
  • Medicalization
  • Warriordom
  • Violence/War
  • Trauma/Healing
  • PTSD
  • Gender/Masculinity
  • Native American Studies
  • Mental Health
  • Psychological Anthropology
  • Public Anthropology


  • Ph.D., Duke University, 2022
  • M.A., Duke University, 2018
  • B.A., UNC Asheville, 2014
  • A.A., Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College, 2012


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About Dr. Christopher Webb

Chris Webb is a cultural anthropologist who studies violence, war, trauma, and healing. His work investigates how local social/cultural values mediate the holistic experience of violence. As a medical anthropologist, Dr. Webb focuses on the social world of biomedical mental health categories, emphasizing the diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder. Dr. Webb has conducted fieldwork with Native American healers who conduct purification and healing rituals for war veterans.  

Dr. Webb is a North Americanist with a deep scholarly interest in the mythologies of North America. His diverse work considers contemporary veteran culture, biomedicine, North American Indigenous diaspora, American Northern Plains religion, warrior culture formations, healing rituals, U.S. military history, and Appalachia.  

Dr. Webb is a veteran of the United States Army and recipient of the Purple Heart Medal.