Tackle real-world problems collaboratively

Rubber gloves and an N-95 mask representing our Applied Anthropology minor

Today’s anthropology is concerned with addressing the problems faced by people in a global community. The anthropology minor is a way to learn how to use scientific and humanistic methods and apply them to real-world problems. It is an excellent complement to any major. Study southwest archaeology, forensics, indigenous environments, activism, gender, and medical anthropology -- among many engaging electives. 

Through faculty mentorship, field schools, and internships, you’ll be thoroughly supported in applying your education in the real world. Define problems, generate solutions, and evaluate outcomes with an Anthropology Minor.


The road ahead

FLC students and faculty in Tanzania and Ethiopia

Choosing a minor in Anthropology complements your chosen field of study in a way that prepares you to work effectively across cultural boundaries. Whether your primary interests are business, public health, history, sociology, or any other field, you’ll be better prepared to work in an undeniably global world.

Imagine yourself as an:

  • International medical technician
  • Professional in any field in a culturally diverse community
  • International business leader
  • Tribal health care worker